HHKB Spotlight: Featuring Chris Sean! (Part 1)
June 24, 2020

Invest in a HHKB. Because It’s Worth It!

Happy Hacking Keyboards (HHKB) are no ordinary keyboard.  Designed by famed Japanese developer, Professor Eiiti Wada, the HHKB is developed for heavy use and durability in a Unix or Linux environment.  However, many other types of programmers and developers have adopted the HHKB as their go-to keyboard.

So what makes it more expensive than most other keyboards?  There’s several factors that go into the cost of the HHKB.  The design of the key switch, quality of the materials, the meticulous production process all contribute to the HHKBs premium quality.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the features that make the HHKB the best-in-class.

Key Switch – The HHKB uses the Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Switch.  The capacitive switch is proprietary to HHKB and REALFORCE.  Capacitive switches have no contact which means no chattering or bouncing.  This creates an extremely smooth key press and feedback.  It’s tested to withstand 50 million keystrokes in a lifetime.  The capacitive switch uses up to three times as many parts as a membrane switch which contributes to the cost.  With the HHKB key switches, you will have a unique keying experience in touch and sound.  The responsiveness of the keys also helps to reduce the amount of pressure a user needs to activate the key, reducing fatigue on the hand and fingers.

Comfort – The HHKB’s design was implemented for maximum comfort over long hours of work. Each key row is contoured slightly different, creating a curve (from the side view) so your hand stays in one place while your fingers can reach every row.  The compact size and layout also plays an important part as your hand never has to leave the home row.  You have all the keys you need and none that you don’t.  All of these where thoughtfully designed to reduce straining and improve speed and performance.

Materials – The keyboard frame and keys are made from high-quality and durable PBT. The PBT frame won’t creak or bend and contributes the light weight of the keyboard.  The keycaps are 1.3-1.4mm thick and will not fade or shine.  The keycap symbols are printed using a sublimation dying process, which means the symbols won’t wear off since the ink penetrates the keycap for permanence.

Customization – the HHKB has several features that are customizable and make the keyboard perfect for users in any environment.

  • Key Map Customization allows you to edit each key, using a Windows app, to expand your personalized user experience. These settings are saved within the keyboard so the same key map can be used with different devices. *HYBRID Type-S model
  • Connectivity – Some people prefer a cable connection for stability and speed while others need to be mobile and not tethered to a device. HHKB has both! A USB-C cable and Bluetooth* Type-S and Hybrid.  With the Bluetooth, you can connect up to 4 devices and switch easily between them.
  • 3 different height adjustments for wrist comfort
  • DIP switches to personalize operating mode

Manufacturing – the HHKB is manufactured in Japan with meticulous QC, testing, and QA.  Fujitsu Computer Products of America (FCPA) is the primary authorized distributor of the HHKB.  All FCPA certified keyboards include:

  • Manufacturer’s 2-year warranty
  • US certifications
  • US-based customer support


There are so many types of keyboards out there with different price points.  For professionals and keyboard enthusiasts who use their keyboard all day and night, it is necessary to have a tool that they can rely on for accuracy, speed, and responsiveness. Ultimately, their keyboard truly becomes an extension of themselves. This is why we think it is worth investing in an HHKB, as it offers an unrivaled typing experience while improving your day-to-day life.  To learn more about HHKB, visit our website. For our current HHKB users, please share with us what you like about HHKB!