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HHKB Studio

Minimal Movement. Endless Creativity.


Advanced navigation functions in a compact design.

With integrated mouse functionality including a pointer stick cursor and three mouse buttons, you eliminate unnecessary hand movement and can comfortably use your HHKB Studio anywhere.

Gesture Pads let you work with more freedom and intuition.

The four touch-operated Gesture Pads offer a vast range of capabilities, such as adjusting volume, window toggling, moving sources when coding, or creating shortcut keys for smooth operations of your favorite applications.

HHKB original 45g-actuation linear mechanical switches.

Our new, linear key switches offer a soft, muted tone with light actuation to reduce key chatter and hand fatigue—allowing deep concentration even after hours of typing. This keyboard is also hot-swappable, so you can easily integrate your preferred switches and create your perfect tool and environment for creation.

Keymap customizability enables use with any host device.

Change the keymap and Gesture Pad functions to maximize your output. Save up to four customized layout profiles on your keyboard and use shortcut keys to quickly change to a different profile. These different profiles allow you to create optimal and customized keymaps catered to specific applications or operating systems that you use.

Maximum connectivity

  • Connect via Bluetooth up to 4 devices with seamless device swapping
  • USB-C connection for wired use
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Works with most Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android phones and tablets

Compact size & ergonomic design

  • Unique 60-key layout to save space and maximize efficiency
  • ‘Control’ key placement reduces finger travel distance, especially during programming
  • Contoured key settings reduces fatigue
  • Increased keystroke precision and keystrokes per minute

Highly customizable

  • DIP switch to personalize your experience
  • Three height adjustment options
  • Hot-swappable key switches
  • MX-stem switches to allow for easy key cap customization

Innovative minimalist design

  • Intuitive ON/OFF switch
  • Integrated battery box to preserve rectangular shape
  • 4-section LED light strip to identify source connection
  • Premium textured PBT keycaps stay dry and resist shine
  • Ultra-durable dye-sublimation key labels that never fade