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The Best Keyboard for Creators: A Guide

How to find the perfect match for your creative pursuits.

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Key features for a graphic designer’s keyboard

Compact design

If you work with a graphics tablet, you need a keyboard that can comfortably fit alongside it. Even if not, a smaller keyboard will give you more room for reference material and your mouse.

Quality craftsmanship

You should be able to count on your tools to serve you well for many years to come. Look for a keyboard for creators that was built by an established brand with a reputation for well-made products.

Customizable aesthetic

Whether you prefer your work desk to embrace a distinctive personal style or keep it minimalist, your keyboard should feel at home. And if you ever feel the need to switch things up, support customization.

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Key features for a photo and video editing keyboard


The next time you have a big batch of photos or hours' worth of footage to edit, you’ll be glad you looked for a keyboard for creators that is comfortable to use. The keyboard should also be easy to position for simultaneous use along with your other equipment.


If you tend to use just one program in the course of your editing work, you may consider picking up a keyboard that was specifically built for that task. These can include shortcuts and special tools that are efficient and natural with their program of choice.

Software customization

If your workflow incorporates many different programs, you may be better off going with a keyboard for creators that is adaptable for many different purposes. Building out your own shortcuts and macros will give you the flexibility you need.

Read more about important qualities and potential choices in 5 Best Photo and Video Editing Keyboards.

Key features for a digital artist keyboard



You probably don’t just create art at your workstation. Choose a keyboard for creators that can seamlessly sync up with laptops, tablets, and all the devices you use to bring your vision to life wherever you are.

Space-saving design

Graphics tablets take up a lot of desk space. Choose a keyboard with a compact design and you’ll have more options for where you place it, encouraging a more ergonomic creation process.


Hardware customization

Getting your brush and sensitivity settings all dialed in just feels right. Your keyboard should offer the same flexibility, with hot-swappable switches and keycaps that let you change up their look, sound, and feel at a moment’s notice.

Read more about finding the perfect tool for your art in The 5 Best Keyboards for Artists.

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Our recommendation: HHKB Studio

The HHKB Studio keyboard was built to be the ideal keyboard for creators. It marries the ergonomic and compact design of traditional HHKB boards with input features that are perfect for use in a range of creative programs. That includes customizable Gesture Pads for instant shortcut access, advanced keymapping support, and even built-in mouse functionality. While we’re confident you’ll enjoy its custom-made linear key switches, you can also swap them out to follow your own mechanical keyboard switch bliss.

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