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The Iconic Digital Companion

Type-S Snow

With a new powder white finish, HHKB adds a touch of modernity to the HYBRID Type-S lineup. 

Matsuba Hand Crafted "Kikkou-Naguri" Wooden Palm Rest

Meticulously chiseled by skilled artisans in Japan, Matsuba brings the traditional Japanese technique known as Kikkou-Naguri, a Tortoiseshell Carving technique, to deliver exquisite tactile sensation in a beautifully finished palm rest, exclusively designed for HHKB.

Note: This is a third party product link. PFU America, Inc. makes no representation or warranties for third party products.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Compared to Tenkeyless and full-size models, HHKB is light and compact, and easily fits in your bag. It’s also durable, so it can take the typical bumps and dings that tend to happen when you’re on the road.


Game-changing electrostatic capacitive switches.

Best-in-class Topre switches give you an unrivaled keying experience, with extremely smooth key presses and a satisfying sound. It's a difference from mechanical keyboards you'll feel, hear—and love.


Comfort for the longest sessions.

Ideal curvature keeps your hands and arms from getting tired, even during extended programming, coding, and keying sessions. Compact size and near-symmetrical layout makes your fingers feel comfortable staying on the ‘Home row,’ so the board feels like an extension of your body.


Connect up to 4 Bluetooth devices and swap between them instantly.

The HYBRID and HYBRID Type-S models support both Bluetooth and USB Type-C, so you can connect to any device via wire or wireless.


Create your own keymaps. Use them on all your devices.*

Create your own keymap with the Keymap Customization Function on the HYBRID and HYBRID Type-S model. Keymap settings are saved in the HHKB itself so your personalized user experience can be used with different devices.

* Keymap software requires a USB connection to a PC running Microsoft Windows for programming.