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HHKB Professional Classic

The updated original HHKB experience.


Comfort for the longest sessions.

Ideal curvature keeps your hands and arms from getting tired, even during extended programming, coding, and keying sessions. Compact size and near-symmetrical layout makes your fingers feel comfortable staying on the ‘Home row,’ so the board feels like an extension of your body.


Game-changing electrostatic capacitive switches.

Best-in-class Topre switches give you an unrivaled keying experience, eliminating key chatter while providing supreme tactility, extra comfort, and keystroke precision.


High quality keys

  • Premium textured PBT keycaps stay dry and resist shine
  • Ultra-durable dye-sublimation key labels that never fade
  • 45g actuation force for ultimate keying speed

Compact size & ergonomic design

  • Unique 60-key layout to save space and maximize efficiency
  • ‘Control’ key placement reduces finger travel distance, especially during programming
  • Contoured key settings reduces fatigue
  • Increased keystroke precision and keystrokes per minute

Easy connectivity

  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • USB Type-C connection for wired use

Highly customizable

  • DIP switch to personalize your experience
  • Three height adjustment options
  • Printed or blank keycap options