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HHKB & REALFORCE - Mechanical Programming & Gaming Keyboards

The Iconic Digital Companion

Designed for those who type to live.

Happy Hacking Keyboard's creator, computer scientist Eiiti Wada, understood that for some individuals, typing was much more than a task or a means to an end — it was part of life itself. He recognized that a keyboard is the physical bridge that connects a human's body and mind to the digital world of creation, progress, and innovation.

That's why, more than 25 years ago, he set out to design the ultimate keyboard, for the ultimate users. A keyboard not for the masses, but for the masters. A keyboard built to last a lifetime, with only the purest of intentions in mind.

With a HHKB you can feel the difference years of innovation makes after typing for just a few seconds.

An unparalleled keying experience.

Premium Topre switches eliminate key chatter, giving you ultimate precision and a silky-smooth tactile response—no matter how fast you type.

design for blazing speed.

Ultra-compact 60 percent format and contoured key settings reduce hand and arm fatigue, giving you comfort in every keystroke.

An elegantly portable interface to your digital world.

Lightweight, durable, and highly compatible, the HHKB Pro is an ideal travel companion to use with all of your modern devices, wherever you go.

No matter where your passions lie – coding, gaming, writing – HHKBs are purpose-built to let you put them through the paces, hour after hour, year after year. Get more details on HHKB Pro features.


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