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Built for speed, responsiveness, and comfort, REALFORCE keyboards are true game-changers. Contoured Topre capacitive key switches set to an ergonomic frame allow you to type as fast as you want, without missing a beat.



Topre capacitive key switches

Topre developed their unique capacitive switches to provide an unrivaled keying experience with an extremely smooth key press, an appealing sound, and no chattering.


Actuation point changer

Customize your key actuation point to switch to lightning fast responsiveness for gaming or adjust it for accuracy in typing. You can get up to 25% faster keying than competing mechanical keyboards!*

*For PFU Limited Edition and RGB models only


Silent key switch

For those who prefer quiet keying, you can dramatically reduce typing sound with REALFORCE silent keyboards.*

*For PFU Limited Edition models only


Ergonomic shaped frame and key settings

Contoured key settings allow your hands and wrists to type in a natural position, reducing hand and finger fatigue. Full n-key rollover lets you type as fast as you can while ensuring you’re always in control.


Built to last

REALFORCE keyboards are made in Japan with a commitment to quality and durability—each Topre key switch is tested to withstand 50 million keystrokes!

*HHKB and REALFORCE keyboards include FCPA’s 2-year Advanced Exchange warranty and U.S. based customer support. Please note that FCPA’s 2-year Advanced Exchange warranty is valid for products shipped to US addresses only.