What Do Influencers Love about HHKB?

Since we launched the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) Professional models in January 2020, we have heard incredible feedback from our fans. While we enjoy receiving compliments about our current models, we have also learned what we can improve on from our customers.

Today, I would like to show you our favorite moments of influencers’ reviews on the latest HHKB Professional models. What do they have to say about the 60% layout? What about our unique control key location? And the Topre switches? While I am amazed by the quality of their video production. I also love hearing their honest feedback. Are you ready?

Review by Taeha Types

We met Taeha Types at the NorCal Mechanical Keyboard Meetup last year and we were amazed by his passion and knowledge for mechanical keyboards. Did you know he builds his own mechanical keyboard now? In his unboxing & initial impressions video, he compares the typing sounds and feel, and designs between HHKB Professional Hybrid model, Pro 2, lubed Pro 2, and Pro 1. If you want to see thorough comparison on different models, definitely check it out.

If you are interested in his other videos with HHKB, please see below.

Thank you, Taeha for playing with the HHKB!

Review by Brandon Taylor

Brandon Taylor is a gamer, technology enthusiast and YouTuber. (Can he get any cooler?) He reviewed the HHKB professional Hybrid Type-S model and claimed that the HHKB has been “one of the best out-of-the-box experiences for a stock keyboard that he has ever tried.” He goes over some main features in great detail, such as Bluetooth & wireless connection, the 60% layout and more. He also gave it a try on Topre switches for a week this time (vs. he tried them at a retail store in Japan) and experienced something magical about the switches. Enjoy his review video with his soothing voice here. Thank you, Brandon!

Review by BadSeed Tech

BadSeed Tech is a gamer first and mechanical keyboard enthusiast second. In his HHKB Professional

Hybrid Type-S model review, he shares that he loves typing with Topre switches on HHKB. His quote below makes us blush.

“I love typing on this board more than any other board I own and that’s a lot of different keyboards at this point. If I am working at a different desk, I will go get this keyboard and bring it to wherever I’m working.” – BadSeed Tech.

One of my favorite parts about his review video is when he shows the typing sound comparisons between O-rings removed, Type-S Stock, and Lubed 205g0. These are definitely music to your ears. Which sound is your favorite?

Enjoy his review video. We love how he wrote “I’m on Topre the World” as part of his video title. Thank you, BadSeed Tech.


We hope you enjoy the HHKB review videos as much as we do!

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Happy Hacking!