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July 29, 2020
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August 24, 2020

Upgrade your workspace with the new HHKB or REALFORCE keyboard to enhance distance learning and remote working!

As we bring in the new school year during these current times, it is important to remember that school supplies are still essential!  In order to enhance your distance learning experience , you will need the right tools to have the perfect workspace setup!

Today, we want to share some of the fantastic workspaces from our HHKB & REALFORCE family! Equipped with the new portable and compact HHKB or superior REALFORCE keyboard, these setups are truly legendary!

First, we have this amazing setup by keyboard enthusiast and social media influencer & developer, Chris Sean! We love the unique monitors he uses, as well as how clean and sophisticated his setup is. As you can see, Chris is a big HHKB fan, with his HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S model! Also, check out those cool headphones he uses during his work day. From my experience, listening to music while typing always makes it more enjoyable! I also spy a furry friend to accompany him!

Which seat would you be sitting at? We love this workspace because this truly shows the reality of distance learning, which means sometimes you have to share a workspace!  This setup has the best of both worlds! On your right, go to battle with our gaming keyboard, REALFORCE R2 RGB TKL! Or take a seat to your left with the REALFORCE R2 PFU Limited Edition Full-size keyboard in Ivory, which is the ultimate reliable and superior keyboard for typing! Which one would you choose?

Thanks to our friend, Cody Codes for sharing this stunning setup! We love his customized HHKB and colorful keycaps, as well as the gorgeous mountain themed background! Also, take a peek at the adorable plant he has growing next to his monitor! While an HHKB offers a smooth key press and satisfying key sound, this setup truly embodies a relaxing and productive workspace environment. It also reminds us of how beautiful nature and the outdoors are!

This excellent setup is by our colleague, Armando! Even if you are a laptop user, this setup shows how easy the HHKB Professional Hybrid model fits on your desk! With its compact and minimalist style, the HHKB can travel and fit anywhere! We would also like to note that this setup has the perfect balance of work and life. On the left, he has a ScanSnap iX1500 scanner for work and on the right, he has a beautiful plant with a picture of his cute puppy! This is a great reminder for that while being in distance learning or remote working, it is important to personalize your setup. Be creative and have fun with it!

This is such a stealthy and sleek workspace! The first thing that comes to mind about this setup is the best of the best! With the REALFORCE R2, Bose headphones, and an amazing speaker/microphone setup, this REALFORCE fan truly knows what high-quality means! In order to maximize your distance learning experience, it is crucial to have a setup that you can rely on, as well as make your life easier!

Thank you to our HHKB and REALFORCE family for sharing these impressive workspaces! We are honored to share your setup to our community and we hope everyone has a great time while distance learning!

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