HHKB Spotlight: Blackriver35’s Take on the HHKB (Part 2)
July 23, 2020
Upgrade your workspace with the new HHKB or REALFORCE keyboard to enhance distance learning and remote working!
August 17, 2020

REALFORCE Keyboards- Why Are They Great for Gamers?

When searching for a quality gaming keyboard, it is important to find a product that can keep up with your fast typing speed for the long nights of battle! Today, we will be discussing why you should upgrade to a REALFORCE keyboard and the top 6 reasons why it is a such a standout product for gamers!  Before we dive in, I want to show you the current product line up of REALFORCE available in the US.

  • REALFORCE R2 PFU Limited Edition Model [Size: Full or Tenkeyless, Color: Ivory or Black, Key Weight: 45g]
  • REALFORCE R2 Model [Size: Full or Tenkeyless, Colors: Ivory or Black, Key Weight: 55g or Mix]
  • REALFROCE R2 RGB Model [Size: Full or Tenkeyless, Color: Black, Key Weight: 45g]


Now, here are the top 6 reasons why REALFORCE is great for dedicated gamers!

  1. Topre Electrostatic Capacitive Switches

In REALFORCE keyboards, we use the legendary Topre switches for a game-changing experience. Designed for the best gamers, these superior and highly coveted switches are built for speed and responsiveness! They allow for an extremely smooth key press, appealing key sound, and no chattering!


  1. Actuation Point Changer Software

Actuation Point Changer (APC) software is a must have for all gamers! With this function you are able to customize the depth of each key (A.K.A your key actuation point) with 3 different actuation point options: 1.5mm, 2.2mm, or 3mm. This is important because you can choose based on your personal preference and still have lightning fast responsiveness!

Fun fact: REALFORCE users type 25% faster than competing mechanical keyboard users!


  1. Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover

With Anti-Ghosting and full N-Key Rollover, you can type as fast as you can! REALFORCE keyboards can keep up with any number of keystrokes you type and ensure 100% accuracy! Most importantly, you’re always in control.


  1. 16.8 Million Colors

We all know that when spending long hours of gaming in a dim room it is unbelievably important to have a colorful keyboard to light up your workspace!

Over 16.8 million color options and combinations for you to choose from. Yes, you heard that right! REALFORCE R2 RGB comes with special software that allows for you to customize every key to any color backlighting you’d like. It is the ultimate personalized experience! (My personal favorite is the “Rainbow Wave” combination that displays an array of every different color! It is amazing!)


  1. Ergonomic Design

Having maximum comfortability is extremely crucial. The more comfort you have at your workspace or battle station the better you’ll perform. With contoured key settings, REALFORCE keyboards have an ergonomic design that allows for your hands and wrists to type in a natural position, reducing hand and finger fatigue.

Trust me, your hands and wrists will thank you after a long day when using REALFORCE.


  1. Size Options

REALFORCE keyboards are available in both mid-size (87 keys) and full-size (108 keys). Looking for a keyboard with a number pad? Choose our full-size keyboard. If you’re in the market for the same quality, but more space on your desk? Stick with our mid-size keyboard! The choice is yours!


Those are some pretty incredible features ! The REALFORCE keyboard raises the bar on what a premium gaming keyboard means. Gamers are able to maximize their performance while having comfort, speed, and responsiveness all at the same time! Step up your game and upgrade to REALFORCE!

Want to learn more? Checkout our REALFORCE product lineup HERE!

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