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June 24, 2020
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July 15, 2020

HHKB Spotlight: Featuring Chris Sean! (Part 2)

By Alisabeth Soto

We are thrilled to share the second of the two-part series of HHKB Spotlight, featuring Chris Sean! Today, Chris talks about his real-life experiences and his journey to becoming a developer! His inspiring story provides such valuable insight into the developer world, as well as great advice for those looking to join the field of programming! Take a look!

Chris’ Developer Journey

HHKB: It has been very difficult times in our world. Has your developer journey changed during #COVID19?
Chris: Well, it definitely did. I was laid off from my second developer job about 2 months after COVID-19. Man, it was terrible, but my journey definitely changed. Fortunately, I was able to get a new job in just a few days after getting laid off. However, my mindset on just being a developer in general has completely changed. After getting laid off, I genuinely believe that every developer MUST have a side hustle and build a brand on the side. If you can create an insane web app for an employer, imagine what you can do for yourself? Just believe in yourself. You can do this.

HHKB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Chris: In 5 years, I see my web development company along with the other businesses I’m starting to kick off. And I’m honestly being very realistic. I see myself purchasing a home for my parents and being able to work from all around the world. I’m not aiming to just become a senior/principal developer. I’m hoping to become the person who needs to hire that kind of developer for my company.

HHKB: What advice would you give to whomever is starting out as a developer?
Chris: It’s not easy. It’s going to be hard as hell and you will want to give up at almost every step of the way. You’re going to feel like it’s impossible and that you are not meant for it. It’s true that not everyone can become a developer. But, I genuinely believe that a lot of people are way more capable than they realize. After 6 months of learning code, stray away from tutorials.



“Don’t get caught in that hole. Learn by studying documentation online. Learn by building. Learn by failing. Lastly, but not definitely least.. network, network, network.” – Chris Sean




HHKB: We read on your social media that you recently started creating contents again. Could you tell us what you enjoy the most about it?
Chris: What I enjoy most is being able to share any wisdom I gain during my journey as a developer again. 4 years ago, I wish I had someone that I could have followed on social media and give me direction on my journey as a developer. But, there was no one. That is why I literally started creating contents in the first place. This time around, i’m not only filming my journey as a developer, but also as a developer creating his own company on the side.

HHKB: Are you building your company on top of your 40-hour job? You are on fire!
Chris: Thank you! Yes, I am building my own company. The schedule I have shared in my part 1 interview did not do me justice. I usually aim to go to bed by 10pm, but ended staying up until 1am last night so I can finish a podcast. I’m honestly putting about 40-50 hours a week on top of my job to build this company. As I’ve said before, working for 50 hours for yourself feels like ABSOLUTELY nothing compared to working a 9-5 job for your employer.

HHKB: So, you own HHKB Pro2 and the new HHKB Professional. Do you use them both?
Chris: I actually do! I use the HHKB Bluetooth version with my MacBook Pro while I use the wired HHKB on my PC upstairs. I actually just returned the Logitech X Pro last week because I preferred to use an HHKB over their fancy RGB keyboard.


Thank you, Chris for sharing your story to the HHKB Family! During these difficult times in our world, your drive, determination, and perseverance has given us such hope and positivity for the future!

Make sure to follow Chris on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter! His podcast is available on Spotify!